Selling Plans

We have Selling Plans that suit everyone’s needs and budget. You need to work out how many products you want to be listed in your Store and how you want to handle the inventory and order fulfillment. You can do it yourself (FBS), or have Fulfillment by BuyNatural (FBN) take care of it.

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Referral Fees

Are you confused by the seller costs on Amazon or eBay? They have lots of different charges and costs making it very difficult to work out exactly how much you make. We make it super easy to understand. With our Seller Plans, you have a 12% referral fee and a 3% withdrawal fee. That’s it – Simple.

FBN Fulfilment Fees

If you want to have Fulfilment by BuyNatural (FBN) handle your warehousing and logistics then we have a 35% of order fee. This includes everything! Warehousing, inventory management, picking costs, packing costs, the boxes/sachels costs, shipping and delivery costs, and even the customer service costs. You won’t find any mystery charges hitting your account. Just a simple percentage of sale — so if nothing is sold, nothing is paid.

Selling plans

Our selling plans give you complete flexibility over how many products you sell, and how you plan to fulfil orders. Our FBN plans are flexible and can be paid monthly or save 25% and pay annually. You can pick the right one for your goals and budget.


FBS - Starter

FBS - Professional

FBN - Starter

FBN - Professional

$0.99/ item sold
(excl GST) + 12% selling fees

$0.99/ item sold
(excl GST)+ 12% selling fees

$39.95/ month*
(excl. GST) + 12% selling fees

$49.95/ month*
(excl. GST) + 12% selling fees


This plan might be right for you if...
  • Have time to do all the order packing & shipping
  • Want to expand your online sales channels
  • Want to have control over your inventory and storage
  • Looking to increase the sales channels for your brand
  • Looking to increase product storage capabilities without a lot of costs
  • You want to build your brand footprint and product awareness
  • You want a add new sales channel without extra work
  • Don't have time for order packing & shipping

Selling plan summary

Number of Products (SKU's)
< 25
< 25
Fulfilment by BuyNatural
Store Listing Fee (One time Cost)

Selling plan features

Add new products to the BuyNatural catalog
Grow your business with Fulfilment by BuyNatural
Add and Manage Store Coupons
Save time creating listings in bulk
Manage inventory with SellerCentre Reports
Qualify for top placement on product detail pages
Increase selling efficiency with API integration
Attract shoppers with on-site advertising tools
Run promotions including free shipping
Add additional users to your account